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Aiuto le aziende a raggiungere successo dentro loro affari con le mie capacità e i miei servizi

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your future perspective dream job?

I would like to achieve a CTO level in few upcoming years.

What was the last position you worked in?

In the last position I worked as a development tech lead with related duties of SCRUM master, technical project manager, Wordpress developer. I was involved more than 120+ technical interviews through the recruitment process for team.

How to avoid stress and burnout, what`s the best methods for you?

I`ve used to do hobbys in order to avoid such conditions.
Going sport, bicycling, making tasty food, watering flowers, walking in the park, going to the nature.

What is your hourly rate?

My hourly rate for less than 160 hours is 20$/hour

List the plugins you are using for contact forms

1) Contact Form 7
2) Gravity Forms
3) WPForms
4) HubSpot

Do you work only with Wordpress or WooCommerce as well?

I have a major experience working with both of them.

Do you think learning is important for developer?

As much as I go further - I always facing new things that I have to know.
Currently I am focused on improving my english speaking level, learning React.

What`s your education degree?

Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Do you have experience creating custom WooCommerce templates?

Creating custom WooCommerce templates while working with it - most common way I do WooCommerce development as far as each client has different design and technical requirements, that`s never match default templates structure and functionality.

What do you use for Multilungual websites?

Polylang or WPML.
On the current website I`ve used Polylang basic version including a lot of custom coding, such as functions, SCSS styling and additional animations driven with JS.